A masterpiece awaits you from the hands of the master himself.

Michael and his team will ensure that you enjoy an unforgettable experience. With the numerous awards and accolades he has received over the years for his craft and unique designs, you can be rest assured he knows how to transform your ideas into reality, delivering something absolutely amazing.

Michael’s designs are fresh, unique and sketched from scratch. Client input is very important, paying special attention to the finer details. Ensuring that each design fits like a glove and designed individually according to client appearance, features and personality.

During your 2hr consultation with Michael your expectations will be realized and preferences outlined.

Lockdown promotion for a limited time only.

Consultation Voucher

Full consultation (2hr appointment), normally R450. Buy it during “LOCKDOWN“ for R370. (T&C’s apply)

Made To Order Voucher

Purchase a “MADE-TO-ORDER” voucher for any gown to the value of R1500, R3 000, R6 000, or the value of your choice. (T&C’s apply)

Voucher Terms & Conditions

Consultation vouchers must be redeemed within a 12 month period from the date of lockdown ending. Consultation bookings can be made once confirmation is available on the lockdown end date. Made to order vouchers must be redeemed within a 5 year period from the date of lockdown ending.

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